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Food Radar Systems Offers 2-Day Pilot Testing for Foreign Contaminants in Food.
Food Radar quickly detects and removes previously undetectable foreign bodies, such as hard plastic, soft plastic, wood and rubber, from food production lines.

Detecting the invisible

Soft plastic is perhaps the most common food contaminant, but it is also one of the most challenging to detect. Failure to remove it can present serious safety risks for the consumer, which is clearly something every food manufacturer wants to avoid. In the fruit processing industry, fragments from fruit stones are a constant concern. With their sharp edges, these contaminants can potentially cause the same damage as fragments of glass. Other common threats include wood splinters from pallets, hard plastics from processing equipment, and rubber from broken gaskets.

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Food Radar Systems in Sweden is offering a revolutionary technology to remove foreign matter during the manufacture of pumpable food products. Were other detection systems uses X-ray, magnetic fields or cameras, the Food Radar® is based on microwave technology. It not only has the power to detect dense foreign bodies but also previously undetectable contaminants such as wood, soft plastic and vegetable matter. The Food Radar® truly represents a ground-breaking advance in food safety standards.

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Food Radar

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The team at Food Radar Systems understands that all customers have different operations, products, and needs, so they always strive to find the best solutions and support for each customer. Potential customers are also welcomed to visit Food Radar Systems to try out the technology on their own food products.

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